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Kariz is an aqueduct which is over five thousand years old and invented by Iranians to use the underground water. In the year 1378, a new design for the cultural-tourism underground city (Kariz) was proposed by Mr. Haji Hosseini, an Iranian engineer who lived in Germany.

Kariz was built in the heart of coral reefs of 14 meters deep by the workers whose work is now visible in the Kariz ceiling. On top of Kariz you will see a cultural-tourist complex constructed and can learn about Iranian traditional architecture by places such as the market, museum and traditional restaurant.

The cool and mild temperate, between 22 and 25 ° C, inside the tunnels of the underground city of Kish (Kariz) has created a special attraction for tourists and visitors touring this cultural complex, especially in warm seasons.

The main center of Kariz which is composed of three aqueducts with an area of ten thousand square meters is located at the Olympic square of Kish Island so that both Iranian and foreign tourists get to know these aqueducts which are considered as an Iranian valuable heritage. Old aqueduct of Kish has 274 wells of which 74 wells are located in the Kish cultural-tourism underground city (Kariz).

Mr. haj Hosseini believes that the location of Kariz in the heart of the coral island and the possibility to visit shells and corals from the ocean depths, its fresh water, the cool air below the depth of fourteen meters as well as its coral ceiling full of fossils of old age has converted this part of the island into one of the world’s unique attractions.

Launching Persian Gulf museum most of which consists of documents related to the Persian Gulf in different historical periods, developed at the University of Munich, Germany, will be part of the development of cultural tourism underground city of Kish (Kariz).

The most important part of this cultural-tourism complex development is the construction of the tunnel of Shahnameh for tourists in order to get them acquainted with the stories of Shahnameh. There will be also the possibility for tourists of visiting the Shahnameh tunnel in which water flows through.

Also, In the future, a number of places such as entrance hall, cinema, pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater, two ancient castles, kid’s site and childcare center, hotels and residential suites as well as an Iranian garden will be built in an area of over 100,000 square meters on this land area.

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